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Install this MTX® Overhead Audio Pod in your Polaris® SPORTSMAN ACE™ and you can ride along to a soundtrack of your personal off-road playlists.

This audio system installs easily and pumps out premium quality audio.

It can be installed in less than 15 minutes and mounts securely in a designated position in the vehicle frame.

You provide the audio source, such as a smart phone, iPod® or MP3 (not included).

An AM/FM radio with antenna is also included.

This is a fully sealed, injection-molded unit with marine grade components that can withstand the rigors of off-road riding.

The audio system includes two speakers, a separate tweeter for enhanced audio quality, a fully sealed dry storage locker for your audio source, Bluetooth connectivity, and a full audio display.

The Audio Pod integrates with other accessories such as roofs, windshields, and mirrors (each sold separately).

It cannot be used along with the Overhead Storage Bag.

Durable, sealed, hard-plastic black housing Dual 6” speakers & tweeters Overhead speakers direct sound toward riders port for charging devices in waterproof locker LCD display provides playlist info Bluetooth connectivity Auxiliary connection through headphone jack Installs in less than 15 minutes; includes all wiring Mounts on vehicle frame in designated mounting positions Connects to vehicle electrical system Convenient LED lights shine toward rider Can be used with a roof & windshield; cannot be used with Overhead Storage Bag Co-branded with Polaris® and MTX®, a premium audio supplier

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